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In order to tell the story of how La Villa came to be in 1982 properly, we must go back three decades before. In 1955 my Uncle, Gino Branchinelli opened the family's first Pizzeria on 5th avenue and Bay ridge. He along with my Other Uncle, Antonio opened more locations around Brooklyn and in 1960 opened Gino's Italian Ices on 39th street as well. In the late 60's My Father Benito joined my uncle at his current location in Long Beach, Long Island which opened in 1962. After 14 years there, my Father decided to leave Long Beach.

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The award-winning culinary team at La Villa has established the resort as a world-class culinary destination. Their knowledge and experience of worldly flavors and distinctive culinary techniques, has garnered numerous raves from discerning publications, including Food & Wine, Esquire and Wine Spectator. Most recently, the restaurant was awarded the coveted Mobil 5-Star for culinary excellence.

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    5 star ratingGreat Italian food. The love is clean. The staff is nice. Please see the video for food.

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